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BLAZE ORANGE BREWERY - A DARK SEDUCTION Blaze Orange Brewery is the name I've affectionately given my homebrew operation at home. And as an illustrator, it might be just a bit more fun naming your beer and designing the bottle design then actually making the beer! Here's one of my more recent creations... Summer of 2015, I started brewing my own beer.



It's been awhile since I've posted, but here's hoping I can get back int he swing of things. Here's a sneak peek at the project I'm currently working on, with amazing artists and fellow metalheads Kevin Gentilcore and Robert Elrod...it's a Heavy Metal themed/inspired comic, where all three of us are adding our own separate stories with a small thing that ties them together.  

SAGA OF METAL2017-09-27T21:44:11-06:00


Recently I had the pleasure of getting to do a commission for my cousin Keith Sanchez. He was looking for a tshirt design for his band Doperunner, so I drew up the following: Front design   Back design. Sorry Thulsa Doom.   I've always wanted to do a tshirt design or album cover design for a metal band, and I'm pretty


The Outdoorsman website “ODMcomic.com” is Under Construction

The Outdoorsman's website over at ODMcomic.com (or the Outdoorsman tab above) is currently under construction. I'm going to be working on a new look, and some new features. I'll announce more here when there's info to share. I want the site to really highlight the character, and the books. Remember, you can still get any of the digital comics in the Store tab above, or

The Outdoorsman website “ODMcomic.com” is Under Construction2017-09-27T21:44:11-06:00

New Outdoorsman: Tacos Al Cabron!

That's right...available today in the store, a new Outdoorsman story: Wanna read it? Click the image and get your digital comic now! Well...it's sorta new. The Outdoorsman: Tacos Al Cabron was originally a webcomic I drew and posted online back in 2009, and then was later published in a very short run trade paperback The Outdoorsman: Terror & Taxidermy in 2010. Most of

New Outdoorsman: Tacos Al Cabron!2017-09-27T21:44:11-06:00

The Outdoorsman now on Comixology!

The Outdoorsman on Comixology!? Whoah indeed. Pretty exciting news for me today...the first issue of The Outdoorsman is now available via Comixology! You can go here to pick it up for 99 cents! CLICK IT.     Comixology, for those who don't know, is one of the leaders in digital comics distribution. You can find all your DC, Marvel, Image comics there in

The Outdoorsman now on Comixology!2017-09-27T21:44:11-06:00


Was commissioned to do a pinup of local (Colorado) MMA fighter Mitch "Da Machine" Peterson, by the Annual Best in Colorado MMA Awards. I think it turned out pretty well...went with an industrial kinda feel on the colors. People dug it, and Mitch did as well. It's fun to do work outside of comics from time to time. "The Machine" - digital drawing using


Happy Father’s Day!

To all my fellow Dad's out there...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! My Dad, the REAL Outdoorsman. Literally and figuratively my hero. For those of you who don't know, The Outdoorsman is based off my Dad. He taught me how to be a good man, both directly and indirectly. He and I are very different people, but I've always looked up to him, and he always

Happy Father’s Day!2017-09-27T21:44:11-06:00

Post Convention Relief! And a draw blog…

Now that I'm finally done with Denver Comic Con, I've been meaning to take some time and blog about my experience with the whole thing. It was my first big convention; I'd only done small ones in the past. It was something else. Of course, my day job, my 4 year old son, and a sinus infection/pink eye/viral cold later, I've still yet to recover.

Post Convention Relief! And a draw blog…2017-09-27T21:44:11-06:00

DENVER COMIC CON 2013 Exclusive Print Set!

Less than a week until the 2nd Annual Denver Comic Con! Due to personal stuff, I wasn't able to attend the first year, but I heard it was amazing. So I made sure I'd be there this time, and with tons of goodies! I'll have print copies of The Outdoorsman: Bon Appetit, and Son of Ymir, tons of prints, original artwork, commissions, and also this...

DENVER COMIC CON 2013 Exclusive Print Set!2017-09-27T21:44:11-06:00
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