Welcome to Blaze Orange Studio, the new home of my artwork on the internet! Starting this year, I’m going to finally start making that push to sell my work, and see just how much I can grow my creations. Starting with The Outdoorsman, I’ll do all my updates from this blog, so check back here often for artwork, news updates, and even stuff to buy!

To start things off, you’ll probably notice that odmcomic.com has changed once again. I wanted a place on the web for all things Outdoorsman, but don’t have the time to manage multiple websites. So I drew up some new artwork, and made a simple homepage for him, linking back here.

Here’s a look at the black and white version of that artwork…I also posted pics of some of the pencils on The Outdoorsman’s Facebook Fan Page (which you should go “like”).


More to come, including my first digital comic book!