A few weekends ago, I decided I wanted to get away from the computer, and back to the physical act of making art, and painting seemed a natural way to go. So I went and picked up some cheap gouache (opaque watercolors), and went to it. This was the result:

“Maul” – gouache on cardboard, 11″x17″


When my 4 yr old son saw this, he decided we also needed a Darth Vader to go with it…so…


“Vader” – gouache on cardboard, 11″x17″

I hadn’t done any painting in years…like at least 10 years. So I was quite pleased with the result. I’d also never used qouache before either, and you can see that I started to figure it out between the two paintings. Maul was more solid paint, as I was figuring out how much water to add to the color. Vader is thus more watercolor in nature, as I figured this out.

All and all, a lot of fun. I’ll have to do this again.