So I noticed today, that the StarFest and ComicFest sites have been updated, so it’s a safe bet to share this with you..for this year’s ComicFest, I contributed the pinup artwork for the convention. Thanks to Jason Page and ComicFest for the opportunity.

Their theme at Starfest this year is ‘Robot Invasion’; so I went with alien invasion, and drew up some Mars Attacks Denver! Here’s the poster:

“Mars Attacks ComicFest!” ink on bristol, digital colored, 11″x17″

And here’s the original, sans ComiFest logo:

Obviously, I’ll be at ComicFest this year in Artist’s Alley, with the Outdoorsman and various prints, as well as a yet to be announced book. So come see me and a whole bunch of great comic creators at ComicFest this year, April 19th – 21st, at the Hyatt Regency DTC. Go HERE for ComicFest’s website, and more info.