Those of you who follow me on facebook, know that I recently announced my latest comic creation, Son of Ymir, early last week. Son of Ymir was my attempt at 24 Hour Comic Day last year, where I got 24 pages pencilled, and about 15 pages inked of my epic viking tale. Over the last few months, I’ve finished inking and adding a monochrome color scheme.  I’m almost done with the cover; in coloring mode.

That said, here’s a character sheet I cooked up for the story’s main hero…


Son of Ymir © 2013 Patrick Hoover. All Rights Reserved.

I’ll be releasing this book digitally here on Blaze Orange Studio, and have hard copies for my Denver convention appearances. There’s also a tab on the site here for Son of Ymir, which I hope to be updating with art and stuff soon.

More to come!