Exciting news! I’ve just released the digital version of my new comic Son of Ymir for digital download! You can go to the store here on Blaze Orange Studio, and download a combo PDF/CBZ file back of this 24 page, monochrome color comic! Here’s the cover:

Cover to “Son of Ymir”, a new digital comic from Patrick Hoover

Originally, I created this character and story during 24 Hour Comic Day…and while I didn’t quite finish the inks, I knew I had a story I wanted to polish up and share. It’s a story of a lone viking hero, fighting to protect the innocent against ancient evil. If you love vikings, and smashing foes with a great warhammer…then Son of Ymir is for you! Here’s a quick link to buy it, if you don’t want to click to the store page:

I hope you enjoy it…it was fun to make.