Less than a week until the 2nd Annual Denver Comic Con! Due to personal stuff, I wasn’t able to attend the first year, but I heard it was amazing. So I made sure I’d be there this time, and with tons of goodies!

I’ll have print copies of The Outdoorsman: Bon Appetit, and Son of Ymir, tons of prints, original artwork, commissions, and also this…

An Exclusive Print Set for this year’s Denver Comic Con featuring Son of Ymir!

Click the image for a bigger view!

These are 8.5 x 11 full color prints, 3 total; you can get them together as a set, or individually if you like one image more than the rest. Obviously, Son of Ymir is the 3rd print…do you recognize me take on the other two? These characters will be featured in my upcoming graphic novel of the Son of Ymir, so you can get ahead of the game now.

So stop by my table this upcoming weekend, and see what I have to offer. I’ll be at Table J2 in Artist Alley…should be easy to spot, just look for all the blaze orange. 😉

Look forward to seeing you all there!