Now that I’m finally done with Denver Comic Con, I’ve been meaning to take some time and blog about my experience with the whole thing. It was my first big convention; I’d only done small ones in the past. It was something else.

Of course, my day job, my 4 year old son, and a sinus infection/pink eye/viral cold later, I’ve still yet to recover. I’m feeling beat down, big time. Eventually, I’ll blog on the con…feel like I need to. In the meantime however, I’m back to drawing.

One thing I did at the con, was participate in the Timberline Draw Blog Scavenger Hunt; the draw blog I participate it had a contest where you could collect trading cards from all the artists on the blog who were at DCC, and enter to win some prizes. Part of the winnings was a topic pick on the blog.

First place winner chose Dragon Ball Z. And here’s what I contributed:


The ol’ kamehameha wave!

Check out the other entries as they come in, at the draw blog. More to come, as I unbury myself at the day job!