That’s right…available today in the store, a new Outdoorsman story:

Wanna read it? Click the image and get your digital comic now!

Well…it’s sorta new. The Outdoorsman: Tacos Al Cabron was originally a webcomic I drew and posted online back in 2009, and then was later published in a very short run trade paperback The Outdoorsman: Terror & Taxidermy in 2010. Most of you likely haven’t read it before.

I wasn’t going to put this version back out for consumption, but was planning on redrawing the whole story, as I did with Bon Appetit, and am doing with Boxenwolves. However, a number of good friends convinced me to put it out there, and draw new stories. Keep moving forward.

So here we are. The cover is new, but the story is the original version; everything I hate and love about it. So for those of you who have already read it…sorry, new stuff is coming. And for those who haven’t, I hope you like it! I still do dig this story; I’m just my own worst critic. 🙂

I have submitted to Comixology, so hopefully it will join Bon Appetit there soon, however in the meantime, download the PDF here. $2 for 30 pages of monster hunting fun with a Danny Trejo look-a-like. How can you beat that?