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In June of 2006, artist Patrick Hoover created his first webcomic site, Angry Commuter Comics, as a showcase his various comic creations. At that time, it featured his first full length comic entitled Mr. Wrinkles, a comedic and yet sobering look at life of the 20-something male right out of college. For Mr. Wrinkles, Patrick teamed up with writer Ryan Hatch; Patrick illustrated, while Ryan wrote the story. Later in 2007, Patrick added another comic to the site: The Outdoorsman.

The Outdoorsman was Patrick’s personal project, in which he was creator, writer, and illustrator. The concept was simple; it chronicled the adventures of a hunter, an outdoorsman…who hunts monsters. Eventually, Angry Commuter Comics came to feature the adventures of the Outdoorsman. After taking a leave from the site in 2010 in order to explore other projects, in 2012 Patrick again re-designed the site, and rebranded it as well, officially giving the Outdoorsman his own home online…ODMcomic.com.

From March 2012 till the end of July 2012, The Outdoorsman was serialized on ODMcomic.com in a weekly webstrip. However, working a full time day job and keeping up with the chores of on weekly online comic proved to be draining. Thus Patrick decided to move from the weekly free webcomic model, over to digital self-publishing.

Patrick is now working on his first digital graphic novel of The Outdoorsman, and will be using ODMcomic.com to highlight the brand and store front. If all you care about is the Outdoorsman, you can go there to get the latest goods.

In addition to The Outdoorsman, Patrick is working to make a career in comic art and illustration. Thus the creation of Blaze Orange Studio, with it’s digital home here at BlazeOrangeStudio.com. Blaze Orange Studio will showcase Patrick’s most recent work, write his thoughts and share previews of his work to come.

Patrick lives in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado with son Finn, and his idiot dog, Arcee. While having a full time job in Corporate America, Patrick works on the Outdoorsman in his spare time, hoping that one day his pulp-flavored monster hunter will be made into a fantastically mediocre ‘B’ action movie, filled with montages and a rockin’ 80′s soundtrack…maybe starring Sam Elliot. Yeah, that’d be awesome…



Angry Commuter Comics © 2006 and The Outdoorsman © 2007 Patrick Hoover. Mr. Wrinkles © 2006 Ryan Hatch and Patrick Hoover. All Rights Reserved.