BLAZE ORANGE BREWERY - A DARK SEDUCTION Blaze Orange Brewery is the name I've affectionately given my homebrew operation at home. And as an illustrator, it might be just a bit more fun naming your beer and designing the bottle design then actually


It's been awhile since I've posted, but here's hoping I can get back int he swing of things. Here's a sneak peek at the project I'm currently working on, with amazing artists and fellow metalheads Kevin Gentilcore and Robert Elrod...it's a Heavy Metal themed/inspired comic,


Recently I had the pleasure of getting to do a commission for my cousin Keith Sanchez. He was looking for a tshirt design for his band Doperunner, so I drew up the following: Front design   Back design. Sorry Thulsa Doom.

The Outdoorsman website “ODMcomic.com” is Under Construction

The Outdoorsman's website over at ODMcomic.com (or the Outdoorsman tab above) is currently under construction. I'm going to be working on a new look, and some new features. I'll announce more here when there's info to share. I want the site to really highlight the

New Outdoorsman: Tacos Al Cabron!

That's right...available today in the store, a new Outdoorsman story: Wanna read it? Click the image and get your digital comic now! Well...it's sorta new. The Outdoorsman: Tacos Al Cabron was originally a webcomic I drew and posted online back in 2009, and

The Outdoorsman now on Comixology!

The Outdoorsman on Comixology!? Whoah indeed. Pretty exciting news for me today...the first issue of The Outdoorsman is now available via Comixology! You can go here to pick it up for 99 cents! CLICK IT.     Comixology, for those who don't know,