One of the coolest things about creating your own comics, is when it inspires another artist to draw you stuff! And that's what happened here... First up, my good friend Kevin Gentilcore, of Creephouse Comics and Teenage Love Zombies fame, jumped all over the chance

Son of Ymir – Now Available in the B.O.S Store!

Exciting news! I've just released the digital version of my new comic Son of Ymir for digital download! You can go to the store here on Blaze Orange Studio, and download a combo PDF/CBZ file back of this 24 page, monochrome color comic! Here's the

Son of Ymir

Those of you who follow me on facebook, know that I recently announced my latest comic creation, Son of Ymir, early last week. Son of Ymir was my attempt at 24 Hour Comic Day last year, where I got 24 pages pencilled, and about 15 pages

The Outdoorsman Animated Series

Animated series!? Just kidding. I recently had a reason to do a character design sheet for our hero, and after finishing it up, it just reminded me of something you'd see in an animated series. That would be pretty awesome, but no, no plans for

Denver Comicfest 2013

So I noticed today, that the StarFest and ComicFest sites have been updated, so it's a safe bet to share this with you..for this year's ComicFest, I contributed the pinup artwork for the convention. Thanks to Jason Page and ComicFest for the opportunity. Their theme

Gouache, and Dark Lords

A few weekends ago, I decided I wanted to get away from the computer, and back to the physical act of making art, and painting seemed a natural way to go. So I went and picked up some cheap gouache (opaque watercolors), and went to