Here's a screenshot from my current work on the redux of my Outdoorsman: Boxenwolves story...   I'm doing this one completely digital, using the amazing Manga Studio 4 EX program to do it. Pencils, inks, wording, the whole damn thing, all via this program on

Back in Action – Outdoorsman Digital Comic back online!

Got the whole thing with Sellbox figured out. If you want it, you can click on the banner above, the link in the Store, or right HERE to buy The Outdoorman: Bon Appetit Digital Comic! Cheers Patrick

Buying the Outdoorsman digital comic – Temporarily unavailable

Hello all, Apparently Sellbox (the download provider I use to sell my digital comic files) had issues today, and lost my file. So if you try to buy the new Outdoorsman digital comic, you'll likely run into problems. Unfortunately, I'm at the day job today,

The Outdoorsman: Bon Appetit – Digital Release!

Big news for me today...I've just released my reworked Outdoorsman: Bon Appetit story for digital download! I've decided to launch this digital comic using the pay-what-you-want model, with a minimum of $1. What do you get for your money? A hi-def resolution PDF and CBZ,

Momma’s boy

So this Friday is my Mom's birthday. A few weeks ago, she was complaining that I never draw her in my comics, only my Dad (note: The Outdoorsman is based on my father). So for her birthday, I'm drawing her into my comics universe. I

New Year, New Website!

Welcome to Blaze Orange Studio, the new home of my artwork on the internet! Starting this year, I'm going to finally start making that push to sell my work, and see just how much I can grow my creations. Starting with The Outdoorsman, I'll do all